New records of breeding terns in Lanuza Bay islets

Gregorio E. de la Rosa Jr., J. Kahlil B. Panopio, Danila Delizo Jr. & Juliana Coffey. 2019. Seabirds typically nest in colonies on islands, islets and cays, often with several species utilising the same area. Many former seabird breeding sites in South-East Asia, including the Philippines, have been diminished or destroyed, primarily due to habitat destruction… Read more »

The prevalence, characteristics and effectiveness of Aichi Target 11′s “other effective area-based conservation measures” (OECMs) in Key Biodiversity Areas.

Paul F. Donald, Graeme M. Buchanan, Andrew Balmford, Heather Bingham, Andrew R. Couturier, Gregorio E. de la Rosa Jr., Paul Gacheru, Sebastian K. Herzog, Girish Jathar, Naomi Kingston, Daniel Marnewick, Golo Maurer, Leeann Reaney, Tatyana Shmygaleva, Sergey Sklyarenko, Candice M.D. Stevens, and Stuart H.M. Butchart. 2019. A new study has been published regarding Aichi Target… Read more »

Multi-criteria Spatial Analysis of Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) in the Philippines

Ver Anthony Odevillas. The Philippines is one of the megadiverse countries in the world, with high diversity of species and high rate of endemism. However, rampant habitat destruction threatens the state of biodiversity in the country, thus a need for a systematic prioritization of biodiversity areas for protection.  To provide a visual representation of quantitative… Read more »

Distribution and Early Breeding of Green-faced Parrot Finches (Erythrura viridifacies)

Tristan Davis, Don Geoff Tabaranza, J Kahlil Bohol Panopio, Carl H Oliveros. 2016. The Green-faced Parrot Finch Erythrura viridifacies is a poorly known member of the Family Estrildidae endemic to the Philippines. Of the 10 to 13 currently recognized parrot finches (Erythrura), two other species occur within the Philippines: the widely-distributed Tawny-breasted Parrot Finch Erythrura… Read more »

Revisiting avi-faunal diversity of Buguey Wetlands (IBA) in Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Josiah David G. Quimpo and Maria Belinda E. de la Paz. 2015. Wetlands are one of the most important ecosystems in the Philippines. Unfortunately, Philippine wetlands are also among the most threatened ecosystems in the country (DENR 1997).  The northern tip of Luzon has two identified important wetland sites: Palaui Island and Buguey wetlands (Haribon… Read more »

Are the reef fisheries baselines shifting at Lanuza Bay, Surigao del Sur?

Erina Pauline V. Molina. 2014. Due to the lack of long-term data to detect historical changes in fish catch and populations, information was gathered from local fishers in Lanuza Bay to help identify which species were caught less and less over the years. It was also found that baselines “shift” depending on the generation or… Read more »

Strengthening the role of Bantay Gubat/Forest Guards in forest protection and law enforcement planning at Central Panay Mountain Range

Nove Jun Calawigan, Ruth Condeno-Martinez, Alex Alabado, Isidro Duenas, John Espiritu, Gregaidy Azares, Josiah David Quimpo, Noel Resurreccion. 2014. The Central Panay Mountain Range (CPMR) in Panay covering four provinces and eighteen municipalities is one of the 128 Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) and 117 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in the Philippines. The CPMR faces the… Read more »

Critical Habitat, an innovative management approach outside Protected Areas in Zambales Mountains, Pangasinan

Jaime Monge, Jr., Noel Resurreccion, Nove Jun Calawigan, Maria Belinda E. de la Paz. 2014 Zambales Mountains is an Important Biodiversity Area (IBA) designed as PH 005. It is among the few remaining tropical rainforests in the country and a habitat of numerous endemic, unique, and threatened species of plants and animals. This IBA also… Read more »

Results of avifaunal survey Real-Infanta Watershed Forest Reserve towards a Critical Habitat status

J Kahlil Panopio, Kevin Artiaga. 2014. Real-Infanta Watershed Forest Reserve (RIWFR) is one of the least studied watersheds in Region 4A. A local management board mandated by the municipal governments of Real, and Infanta, Quezon protects the site, but the forest still faces threats such as collection of timber products according to local communities.  One… Read more »

Comparison of Fish Extirpations in Four Marine Key Biodiversity Areas in the Philippines Inferred from Fisher’s Knowledge Using Linear Mixed Methods

Margarita N. Lavides, Ph. D. 2014. View conclusions from fisher interviews obtained from four marine Key Biodiversity Areas in the Philippines. Download the poster here.

On the EDGE: Conserving Corals in North-eastern Philippines

Gregorio dela Rosa, Jr. 2013. Three (3) coral species were studied under the EDGE program while raising awareness about the 3 species in local communities. The species include Mushroom coral (Heliofungia actiniformis), Bubble coral (Physogyra lichtensteini), and Elegance coral (Catalaphyllia jardinei). Download the poster here.

On the conservation of nationally threatened birds of the Philippines

J Kahlil Panopio. 2012. In this poster a map overlay method was used to assess the protection offered by the NIPAS in the conservation of Nationally Threatened Birds of the Philippines. A map of protected areas in the the Philippines was laid over the maps of Important Bird Areas and the total area of IBAs… Read more »

Raptor observations in Mt. Susong Dalaga, Aurora, San Luis, Aurora Province

Kevin Carlo Artiaga, Daniel Miguel. 2012. Mt. Susong Dalaga has been recorded as a site where Philippine eagles and other raptors have been sighted. Raptor species under the order Falconiformes in the Philippines are usually studied with other bird species in general ecological surveys. Reports of raptor activity in Mt. Susong Dalaga have presented an… Read more »

Key Biodiversity Areas in the Philippines: Priorities for Conservation

R.G.R. Ambal, M.V. Duya, M.A. Cruz, O.G. Coroza, S.G. Vergara, N. de Silva, N. Molinyawe, & B. Tabaranza. 2012. A process for identifying Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) for the Philippines was undertaken in two phases. The 128 terrestrial and freshwater KBAs were identified in 2006 and the 123 marine KBAs were identified in 2009. A… Read more »

Assessment of Biodiversity of a Watershed Forest Fragment in Southwestern Sierra Madre, Philippines

Don Geoff Tabaranza, Gregorio dela Rosa, Jr., Arnel Almazan, and Julius Casabal. 2010. In June 1994 the United Coconut Planters Bank-Coconut Industry Investment Fund (UCPB-CIIF) Foundation partnered with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to implement a watershed reforestation project in a 33.3-hectare site in Brgy San Jose, Boso-boso, Antipolo City, Rizal. The… Read more »

Spatial analysis of Important Bird Area boundaries in the Philippines: gaps and recommendations

Jose Don T. De Alban. 2005.  Important Bird Areas (IBA) in the Philippines were identified using a set of international criteria to determine globally important priority areas for biodiversity conservation. The IBA boundaries were delineated using data on trigger bird species distribution coupled with available land cover data. Present conservation work has been guided using… Read more »