Conservation with communities, women, and children

March 17, 2020

By Nova Regalario

People are taking notice of the problems the planet is currently facing. Sadly, not enough people are stepping up to address these issues—especially those that concern the environment.

Individuals play a big role in resolving these issues. They can do so by living more simply: reducing their purchases, reusing what they can, and recycling things instead of completely throwing them out.

However, most people find environmental problems like global warming too intimidating to resolve. Another problem is the volume of waste people dispose of unmindfully. The continuous degradation of the environment leads to climate risks that affect the lives of every Filipino.

Dealing with the overwhelming problems that the planet faces needs concerted effort from every sector. 

A community makes a difference

For years, the San Cristobal Farmers Association has been committed to restoring the denuded forests of the Mt. Banahaw San Cristobal Protected Landscapes.

The association believes that it takes a community to address the gaps in conservation and transforming individuals to becoming champions for the environment.

Women and children members were also in charge of nurturing and propagating the planted seedlings in the restoration sites while also actively participating in solid waste management to ensure the environment would thrive.

A few steps towards a life of simplicity—one that acknowledges the environment as the source of all things—will create a huge impact in helping protect the home we share together.

Not only is this a call to be more responsible citizens to the environment, but also a clamor to recognize the important role of women and children in the global solution towards environmental conservation.

A more profound difference can be made if all sectors and communities take this inclusive approach—one that will benefit not only the people of today, but also the generations to come.

Support local communities raising forests: Adopting-a-Seedling today.