Citizen’s Action for Monitoring Ecosystems poster

August 16, 2019

More than half of Philippine KBAs are outside official Protected Areas, leaving them without a defined monitoring framework. Communities dependent on forest in these KBAs can help monitor areas where they depend directly on natural resources.

Haribon has applied it’s Citizen’s Action for Monitoring Ecosystems or CAME system with Mamanwa and Manobo communities inside the Mt. Hilong-Hilong KBA to continue community-led conservation.

CAME enabled communities to report and monitor the gradual loss of forest. Together with Haribon via the FOGOP project, their respective Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plans were identified as conservation responses to address the threats to their forest.

Recommended citation: J. K. Panopio, et al., 2019. Citizen’s Action for Monitoring Ecosystems – a simple and scalable system for monitoring Philippine KBAs. The Haribon Foundation.