State of the Philippine Birds (2014)

August 9, 2014
Philippine Eagle Haring Ibon by J Kahlil Panopio

Launched in August of 2014, State of the Philippine Birds provides up-to-date information on the changing state of birds in the Philippines.

The landmark publication provides data, photos, and updates in three, easy-to-understand key areas labeled State, Pressure, and Response. Supported all throughout with case studies, graphs, and backgrounds on Philippine birds and their conservation it is now used to serve as a guide in developing better strategies for the conservation of birds in the country.

The publication helps Haribon, the BirdLife International partner in the Philippines, update scientific data for the international conservation community. BirdLife and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List must be regularly updated and improved. State of the Philippine Birds contributes to this knowledge by filling in gaps through targeted research and monitoring.

The book is filled with bird photography from a wide variety of scientists and bird enthusiasts. The latest data was collected from Haribon research as well as local experts and scientists in various fields.

The book launch took place at Greenbelt 5 in Makati City, where 100 copies of the book were distributed to notable recipients from various institutions such as Wetlands International, International Rice Research Institute, and the US Embassy.

Download State of the Philippine Birds here.