Haribon E-Cards

May 9, 2019

These cards are e-cards or “electronic cards” you can email to your loved ones. We insert the name of your recipient and the name of the donor in the card as well. You can choose either one of these e-cards for every P488 pesos you donate to adopt a seedling.

Select a design for a holiday or occasion in our E-card Library.

How to obtain your special e-card:

  1. Adopt-a-Seedling today by donating P488.
  2. Email a photo/screenshot of proof of payment to donate@haribon.org.ph with:

    NAME, ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBER, NUMBER OF SEEDLINGS, and CARD THEME (browse our e-card selection here). If the card is a gift, please include the DONOR NAME & RECIPIENT NAME in your email.
  3. Once verified, we will send you your E-card(s) within three (3) business days.
    If you do not yet receive them please email hello@haribon.org.ph or call 0922 815 2324.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Can I obtain multiple e-cards with a one-time donation?
    A: Yes. Simply give us the recipient full name, e-card theme, and name for the “from” line for each e-card. Example: P4,880 donation = 10 e-cards = 10 different names = 10 themes of your choice. Please note that each e-card represents at least one tree.
  • Q: Do you send the e-card to the recipient?
    A: Due to email policies regarding unsolicited emails, we do not send the e-cards directly to the recipient. We only send the e-card to the donor. The donor is then free to send the e-card to their special someone.
  • Q: I’d like to adopt more than one (1) tree per name, is this possible?
    A: Yes. Let us know how many trees per name you’d like to adopt. Example: 2 trees for Juana de la Cruz. We always welcome more adopted trees!
  • Q: I’d like to adopt one (1) tree under more than one name, is this possible?
    A: Yes. Many donors adopt trees in the names of their parents, couples, or for an organization or company. Only a maximum of two persons are allotted per e-card. Simply provide the names per adopted seedling(s).
  • Q: Can I use a custom message?
    A: Due to the popularity of our e-card campaign and time constraints, we no longer provide custom messages because the e-cards are created manually. However, if you or anyone you know is a programmer who can donate time to create a web-based “e-card maker”, please email hello@haribon.org.ph.
  • Q: Can I print the e-cards?
    A: Yes. But please use recycled paper to help conserve our resources. Although the e-card is only 72 dpi and is not the optimal resolution for printing (300 dpi +), it is still fairly legible when printed.
  • Q: What file format is the e-card?
    A: It is a 72 dpi jpeg file.
  • Q: What is considered a working day?
    A: A non-holiday, Monday through Friday. We are unable to process e-cards on weekends or holidays.

For more information or for questions, please email or call us at:

+63 922 815 2324