Membership Committees

In 1972 a small group of people ranging from young nature lovers and budding naturalists, to veteran local scientists and visiting foreign biologists, came together to start a society of people who transformed their love of environment into action.

Today the fruit of their work continues on with you and today’s Haribon Members. Members meet on an almost monthly-basis to join committees, share ideas, and launch campaigns. The committees include:

  • Advocacy Committee
    Objective: Increase awareness and engage members in Haribon Foundation’s work in the national and international level.The committee aims to accomplish the following:
    Encourage members to attend campaign and advocacy
    Establish Advocacy and Campaign Design and work planSome of the proposed activities include:
    Creating an FB Group Chat for Advocacy
    Attend Haribon advocacy meetings
    Participation in the updating of FRB/SFM Bill
    Support in Advocacy and lobbying in NLUA and E-NIPAS
    Lobbying with LGUs for the enforcement of Solid Management Act especially LPPCHEA
    Advocacy against plastic pollution particularly in Greater Manila
    Advocating the planting of NATIVE trees
  • Membership and Training Committee
    Objective: Maintain, retain and expand membership activities.
  • The committee’s plans include:
    Conduct membership profiling or inventory of member’s interests.
    Consolidate survey result and coordinate them to the volunteer program for the planning/ launching of activities.
    Tap members to encourage their own groups (family, friends, co workers,) to join membership events.
    Piggyback awareness raising activities led by LGUs, national government agencies, and other organizations.
    Review and rationalize membership fees.The committee plans to conduct trainings and workshops like Bio-intensive gardening, outdoor activities like mountain and coastal clean-ups and raise awareness on ecotourism aimed at protecting the environment. They are also planning to visit Haribon’s project and restoration sites to personally experience how everything is done.
  • Volunteer Engagement Committee
    Objective: Increase the participation of Haribon members and also to attract more members/non-members in joining several volunteer activities of Haribon Foundation. The committee agreed to lump the activities into two categories – Haribon Green Travel and Haribon Blue Travel.GREEN TRAVEL:
    Haribon Bird Watching
    Native Tree Walk/Tree Walk
    Trekking/Mountain Climbing
    Biodiversity on Wheels
    Raptor WatchBLUE TRAVEL:
    Adopt-a-beach – A Beach tour with a side of cleanup and IEC for Sustainable tourism
    Beach Camp
    Know your Corals, Sea Critters, Seagrass, and mangroves
    Coastal Cleanup
    Cleanup Dive
  • Visibility Committee
    Objective: Raise awareness, show transparency, engage and mobilize members.The committee will organize the following activities:
    Update members about activities, Haribon programs and related news.
    Coordinate with other committees for their comms needs.
    Awareness raising campaigns through social media, blogs, emails and Haribon ambassadors.
    Create a members profile list to help identify members’ specializations
    Spread awareness about Haribon to attract potential members.Members decided to create new Haribon products like planners, posters, newsletter, greeting cards, print-ready materials. Thay are also considering adding a Pinterest account where they can post bird and tree catalog or share zero-waste lifestyle ideas, getting bloggers as ambassadors. They plan to use emails, social media, membership blog, mascot and bulletins to increase awareness on biodiversity conservation.

Big change always starts with a small band of random people getting together for a cause. Become a Haribon member and join a committee today.

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