New records of breeding terns in Lanuza Bay islets

May 12, 2020

Gregorio E. de la Rosa Jr., J. Kahlil B. Panopio, Danila Delizo Jr. & Juliana Coffey. 2019.

Seabirds typically nest in colonies on islands, islets and cays, often with several species utilising the same area. Many former seabird breeding sites in South-East Asia, including the Philippines, have been diminished or destroyed, primarily due to habitat destruction and development as a result of rapidly growing human populations that rely primarily on coastal and marine economies (Jensen 2007). 

Here we present the results of seabird surveys around Lanuza Bay and summarise the threats to seabirds there. Prior to this survey, there was no published information on seabirds in this sea area. This study addresses the Philippine Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (PBSAP) 2015–2028, Target #5 – Maintain populations of migratory species.

Download the study here.

This study appeared in BirdingAsia Number 32, December 2019. Available for purchase here.