Conserving Sites and Habitats

We work in a variety of ecosystems to identify, conserve, restore and monitor sites and habitats important for biodiversity. We do this with communities to promote resilient ecological networks.

Buhay Punlaan

Buhay Punlaan is a nursery of native trees at the Caliraya-Lumot Watershed in Lumban, Laguna. It covers a two hectare area & serves as a learning laboratory and direct response to the shortage of native tree species in the country today.

Critical Habitat Establishment

Aside from establishing Protected Areas via national laws, local communities can also be empowered to establish Critical Habitats together with their local government units.

Important Biodiversity Area Monitoring System (IBAMS)

IBAMS is an approach we use to determine state, pressure and response (SPR) in a Important Biodiversity Area. IBAMS involves local communities, governments, and other sectors working together to study and conserve their natural resources.

Forests for Life Movement

The Forests for Life Movement is committed to restore forests. It advocates for the use of rainforestation to not only bring back forests, but the biodiversity & ecological provisions that come with them.

Marine Protected Areas

Protecting areas at our coastlines ensures a sustained supply of fish and eco-tourism for local communities. Learn more about what a marine protected area is, how we establish them, and where some of them are today.


EMPOWER aims to achieve sustainable development where different parties collaborate for the attainment of benefits for all.