Important Biodiversity Area Monitoring System (IBAMS)

IBAMS is an approach we use to determine state, pressure and response (SPR) in an Important Biodiversity Area. Developed with Birdlife International, the IBAMS team is composed of local stakeholders. Data collected by IBAMS teams fuel recommendations for policy reviews, regular monitoring, livelihood, IEC campaigns, and more.

State, Pressure, and Response

  • State: state indicators refer to the condition of the site, with respect to its important species populations. State indicators might be population counts of the species themselves, or may be measures of the extent and quality of the habitat required by these species.
  • Pressure: pressure indicators identify and track the major threats to important species populations at IBAs. Examples include rates of agricultural expansion, over-exploitation and pollution.
  • Response: response indicators identify and track conservation actions. For example, changes in conservation designation, implementation of conservation projects, etc.

Recent documentation

Here are a set of articles documenting just some of the IBAMS work we have done in the Mt. Siburan IBA:

We have worked with hundreds of community members over the years in conserving their local resources. Today we are working or have worked in the following Important Biodiversity Areas recently: Mt. Hilong-hilong, Mts. Irid-Angelo and Binuang, and the Zambales Mountains.

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