Empowering People

Who better to protect our forests than those who appreciate the oxygen they give? Who better to protect the sea than the fisher whose life is tied to it? Without empowered people, our natural heritage will continue to be slowly lost.

Forest Governance Project or FoGoP

Philippine forests are home to some of the world’s unique and endangered species and provide water and ecological services for millions of Filipinos. As the forests continue to disapear, this project aims to increase participation of non-state actors in various forest governance processes.

Haribon Membership

Haribon Membership can be regarded as Haribon’s first ever project. A group of nature-lovers started the Haribon Society in 1972 which then grew from a birdwatching group to become the country’s oldest biodiversity conservation membership.

Tree, Trek & Tag Project or 3T’s

Haribon Travel provides a holistic learning experience to participants through immersion in Haribon communities working in terrestrial areas through Haribon Green Travel and coastal areas through Haribon Blue Travel.

Biodiversity on Wheels

The Biodiversity on Wheels or BOW is a moving classroom about biodiversity that goes from one school to the next. It spreads awareness on biodiversity conservation among children and youth via a built-in multimedia and library on wheels with various engaging activities and learning materials.

Women GO

The Women GO project aspires to increase the influence of rural women in Protected Area (PA) governance towards social change, and highlight their role in natural resource management.