FOGOP Field Updates 2018


By Year 2 of the project, we met more and more people of all ages. Friendships were formed and networking opportunities were seized as a cross-pollination of knowledge and passion for our forests was beginning to grow.

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Updates from the field

A mural depicts species endemic to the town of Sablayan on the island of Mindoro.

The Tamaraw, Mindoro Tarictic Hornbill, Raflessia, and the Mindoro Bleeding-heart are among the species shown in the town plaza.

During Sablayan’s Dugoy Festival (“dugoy” means cooperation in the language of the local Tao-buid people of Mindoro), Haribon held a “Find our Feathered Friends” birding activity at Sablayan’s Agri-trade Fair wherein 200 people, mostly children, were introduced to native tree species, migratory birds seen in Mindoro and their importance.

January 24-25, 2018, Sablayan, Mindoro.

Students in Cebu visit our booth highlighting why forests are important to us, as they take part in an “indoor migratory bird survey”

February 2-22, 2018, 2nd Philippine Environment Summit, in Cebu City.

“Ito po ang bayan ko!”

(This is my town!)

8-year-old “K” finds his home on the map, and shares his knowledge on biodiversity in Mindoro:

“Matatagpuan sa gubat ang iba’t ibang klase ng hayop at halaman. Galing sa kanya ang tubig na iniinom natin araw-araw. Kapag umuulan ang kagubatan ang humihigop at imbakan ng tubig ulan. Kaya ang tubig ay galing sa ating kagubatan. Nagagalit ako sa mga mangangaso na humuhuli ng ibon, dahil paborito kong pagmasdan ang mga ibon.”

(Different species of animals and plants are found in the forest. The water we drink everyday comes from the there. When it rains the forest absorbs and stores the rain. So water comes from our forests. I’m angry with hunters catching birds, because I love watching the birds.)

January 24, 2018, Sablayan, Mindoro

The Expanded National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 2018 (ENIPAS) was signed into law on June 22, 2018 in a bid to strengthen efforts in conserving and protecting Philippine biodiversity.

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June 2018.