Women GO updates 2022

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Updates from the field

Women are usually seen on the sidelines in environmental conservation and management in the Philippines, but these women are now on the “frontline”. See how some women leaders are becoming decision-makers for their forests and their communities.

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January 2022

How have the women of Kalipunan ng Liping PIlipina or KALIPI been “transformed” so far? Progress has been observed as they become leaders in forest conservation. Just ask Leo James Portales, MGDH-MSWDO of Real, Quezon.

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February 2022

Women leaders are banding together to protect the kalaw, or Northern Rufous Hornbill, which can be found in the forests of protected area PP 1636.

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March 2022

Women #InvestInOurPlanet too! The theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet”. We must not forget that women have long invested in our planet, like the women of Kilos Unlad ng Mamamayan ng Real, Inc. or KUMARE.

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April 2022

These women of KALIPI in the Southern Sierra Madre are working to protect the largest eagle in the country: the “Queen” of the forest, the Philippine Eagle.

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May 2022

Women leaders of protected area PP 1636 continue the legacy of Arbor Day. They are ensuring that trees are not only planted, but also protected in the Southern Sierra Madre.

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June 2022

Women leaders in Southern Sierra Madre like Celia “Tita Aba” Ungriano know that calling for the protection of the “backbone of Luzon” must be done all year long, as it continues to face threats even after typhoon season.

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September 2022