Saving Species

Every species has a place and function in the web of life. Haribon conducts research on biodiversity to reveal mysteries behind some of the country’s most unique wildlife and their connections to the habitats we share with them.

The Philippine Eagle Project

With only 400 pairs estimated left in the wild, the realm of our National Bird is still under threat. Its forests supply us with readily-available water, and is home to forest-dependent communities and Indigenous Peoples. The Philippine Eagle or Haring Ibon represents more than a nation, but its natural resources as well.

Species of Hope: Dulungan

Along the mountainous spine of the Central Panay Mountain Range lives one of the most threatened hornbills in the world: the Dulungan Hornbill (Rhabdotorrhinus waldeni). Learn more about the conservation work for this species on the island of Panay.

State of the Philippine Birds

We published “State of the Philippine Birds” to provide up-to-date information on the changing state of Philippine Birds. It is used to serve as guidance in developing better strategies for the conservation of birds in the country.