Student leads environmental literacy program in Panay

May 10, 2019
“Enviromedia: Campus Journalism for the Environment.” Photo from MENRO Culasi FB.

CULASI, ANTIQUE – As a way to help save Panay biodiversity and instill environmental literacy among local grade seven students, a local youth advocate and a group of organizations partnered together and conducted a forum and lecture-workshop last March 2019 at Culasi, Antique.  

Through the initiative of 18 year-old environmentalist Jann Vinze Barcinal and by the Alliance of Biology Major – Western Visayas, in collaboration with The Haribon Foundation, Eco Rangers and Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O) Northern Antique Vocational School (NAVS) Chapter, Local Government Unit (LGU) of Culasi, Partido sang Mainuswagon nga Bumulutho (PMB) of University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) and individual sponsors, the “Enviromedia: Campus Journalism for the Environment” was made possible at Culasi Municipal Hall.

I know how influencing the field of media is and I am very passionate with my advocacy to save our environment.

Jann Vinze Barcinal

“This activity aims to not only introduce but to motivate students in our movement to help save the Earth and Panay’s wildlife through discussions and forum talks from respected advocates and experts,” said Barcinal, the event head.

Furthermore, the said event sought to converge the influence of campus journalism and media platforms, and apply it to different environmental activities to help solve contemporary environmental and biological issues, especially in Panay. 

Youth share their thoughts during “Enviromedia: Campus Journalism for the Environment”. Photo by Javie Barcinal

“I was a campus journalist back when I was in Junior High School, I know how influencing the field of media is and I am very passionate with my advocacy to save our environment, that’s where I got the idea to make campus journalism an instrument to help save the environment,” he added.

The student attendees wrote Editorial and Feature articles about the environment and how to protect and conserve it, they also took environmental photos that depicted a “green surrounding” as part of the journalism workshop. 

Consequently, the workshop will hone the abilities of the students in journalistic ways that will pave way to the dissemination of environmental and biodiversity awareness.

Haribon staff Dionn Hubag shares with students unique biodiversity of the Philippines. Photo by Javie Barcinal.

“As a campus journalist I can help through writing articles about the problems of our environment, to influence my schoolmates and the community and to make them aware on the importance of a healthy biodiversity,” a participant quoted.

Enviromedia also highlighted the contribution of Eco-Rangers from a local high school, NAVS whom the Haribon Foundation trained from its “Eco-ranger Training and Workshop” two years ago.

“I am proud to say that as an eco-ranger, and at the same time YES-O President of NAVS for 3 consecutive years, I have come up with the advocacy of environmental protection and preservation which led me to my major accomplishments as a student-leader,” Ianelle Caronongan, Eco-ranger and YES-O NAVS Chapter President said in her opening remarks.

Harmful effects of plastic waste to our environment and wildlife, especially single-use plastics were also addressed.

“I realized a lot about our environment, especially about plastics – that we should refuse using and littering it anywhere. And from now on I will not use any plastic anymore,” another attendee answered. 

All in all, Barcinal closed that the event’s mission was carried out successfully and will not be the last for their campaign to save the environment and its biodiversity.