Forests for Life Movement

The Forests for Life Movement started in 2005 as ROAD to 2020 (Rainforestation Organizations and Advocates). It is an environmental movement to restore Philippine rainforests using native tree species such narra, apitong, lauan and many others and to sustain provision of ecological goods and services through an informed and engaged people. It provides an opportunity for everyone to come together and help bring back our natural forests.

We are currently working with different clusters throughout the country as we work toward restoring rainforests with an 80% average survival rate. These clusters, composed of LGUs, academic institutions, government agencies, NGOs, POs and individuals, are committed to rainforestation and ensuring that ecological benefits from forests are enjoyed by both Filipinos of today, and tomorrow, and that our wildlife — our natural heritage will live on.


Through a minimal donation of three hundred fifty pesos (P350), supporters can adopt a seedling of any of the Philippine native tree species like narra, dao, kamagong, makaasim, and lauan and Haribon will take care of your adopted tree for 3 years .

Adopt a seedling here today.


With a Nurture Card, a seedling that has been previously planted under the Adopt-a-Seedling Program will be nurtured in your name for one year, and you can continue to care for that tree with a yearly donation of one hundred pesos (P100) per seedling.

For a Nurture Card, email for more information.

Join a tree planting!

Come out and plant a tree with us! Tree planting activities take place between July and November every year during the rainy season to improve survival rates of newly-planted seedlings. Join the next tree plantings in 2020 by visiting this page now.

Give an E-card

Choose a digital E-card for P350 pesos when adopting a seedling. By doing so we work together to bring back our forests. Ideas include birthdays, holidays, and more.

Give an E-card here today.

Enroll your own tree planting site

Join the Movement. Include your own contribution to bring back biodiversity and flight climate change. Fill out our Google form here and be enrolled into the Movement.

Why native trees?

Native trees are more adaptive to the forest being restored. They have greater chance of survival. Aside from reviving the life support system of forest, they also ensure the flourishing of native plants and animals.

Unfortunately, our forests have been reforested with fast-growing, exotic trees invasive to the country’s original forests. This type of “reforestation” replaces native trees and can result to monoculture. Diseases and pests invade exotic tree plantations and can eventually wipe out the entire reforested areas. It can result in nutrient imbalances in the soil and plants.

Instead of this kind of “reforestation”, Haribon advocates Rainforestation.

A rainforested area can provide ecological benefits which are linked to human survival. A forest is more than just a collection of trees. It is an ecosystem.