TPB joins the Forests for Life Movement

February 29, 2020
Tourism Promotions Board helps bring back forest. From @FuentesManila Twitter.

Haribon Foundation partnered with the Tourism Promotions Board last November 2019 in support of Haribon’s Forest For Life Movement as part of the foundation’s forest restoration initiatives. The partnership comes with Haribon’s opening engagement activities for supporters to join their team in doing conservation work while taking in knowledge and appreciation of the environment.

Haribon coursed volunteers through their activity bundle featuring the Buhay Punlaan Native Tree Nursery in Laguna, the Native Tree Trek at the nearby Japanese Garden, and culminating in a Tree Planting session at the Mt. Batolusong restoration site in Tanay, Rizal. The culminating session helped restore 1,250 seedlings into the Kaliwa river watershed.

The project helped the participants learn about the importance of proper care for tree seedlings and recovering the biodiversity of Philippine rainforests. It came just in time for the seasonal wilding collection from a nearby mother Narra tree where volunteers gathered 400 seedlings and catch the seasonal fruiting of the native Katmon trees and Alingaro vines.

Intermittent rains made for a challenging hike towards the planting site up the slopes of Mt. Batolusong as volunteers scrambled for footing along the muddy trails A few slips and laughs accompanied the fulfilling two days of learning and giving back to the forests.

Photo from previous tree plantings with Tourism Promotions Board. Photo by Nova Regalario.

These partnerships are important in providing support for Haribon’s conservation efforts while bringing the foundation’s advocacy closer to supporters so they can adopt environmentally conscious values into their own communities.

To arrange for similar projects, interested individuals may contact Haribon Foundation through