Women Go starts this Women’s Month

March 9, 2020
The impacts & need of women in forest resources have long been overlooked and untapped.

This March we not only celebrate Women’s Month, but we begin our latest project, Women Go.

Women are considered major users of forest and natural resources yet their participation in decision-making of these natural resources are limited. Women Go aims to increase the influence of rural women in the governance of these areas.

Women GO staff meet with Mayor Filipina Grace R. America of Infanta, Quezon to discuss the scope of the Women GO project.

Specifically, governance of natural resources in the Philippines involves participation in the management of Protected Areas or PAs. PAs are locations including forests and marine areas that are established as areas of importance and therefore protection. The Women Go project will focus on a Protected Area in the Southern Sierra Madre called PP 1636.

Philippine Eagles can be found in PP 1636, the target Protected Area for Women Go.

Women Go seeks to empower women and highlight their role in PP 1636 not only in ensuring family and community well-being, but also in natural resource management, which includes managing environmental risks, reducing vulnerabilities, and improving climate resilience. 

By the end of the project, women will have made invaluable contributions in leading sustainable programs on Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and livelihood.

Women Go goals include, among others:

  • Mainstream gender inclusiveness in the Protected Area Management Plan (PAMP).
  • At least one (1) women’s group actively engaged as a Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) member.
  • Enhance capacities of women to collectively represent, engage, and assert PA governance rights.

Fundamentally, the project upholds that recognizing women as equally important in environmental leadership and governance is key to effectively achieving goals for nature. Gender mainstreaming activities will be carried out to enhance participation of women on three levels: family, community/barangay (village), and the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB).

For more information on this project, call 8-421-1209, or email us at act@haribon.org.ph.

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