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Donation Type

General donations will be pooled together to create sufficient funding for:

  • Sustaining conservation projects old and new
  • Production of educational materials for public awareness
  • Acquiring essential equipment for field researchers and staff
  • Training and incentives community partners nationwide
  • Securing other critical needs to continue conservation work

Donation Type

Each PHP 488 donation to the Forests for Life Movement cover the following for three (3) years:

  • Rainforestation site preparation and native tree planting
  • Seedling and site monitoring
  • Site protection and maintenance, including replacement of destroyed seedlings
  • Seedling production, nursery establishment, and other essentials
  • Livelihoods, trainings, and incentives for partner communities

Donation Type

Depending on the tier, HARIBON® Members get to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • HARIBON® Membership kit, including an e-Certificate of Membership, t-shirt, I.D., and guidebook
  • Exclusive learning sessions and access to networks
  • Priority for volunteer slots
  • Up to 10% discount on selected HARIBON® merchandise
  • Special discounted rates on HARIBON® events and activities
  • HARIBON® Members newsletter subscription
  • Invitation to the General Assembly and Board of Trustees Election voting rights
  • Digital copies of the annual reports and other printables