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Be proud of your commitment to making a difference!

When you donate to HARIBON®, you can download a free e-card or e-certificate to show your friends, family, and network that you are helping save Philippine biodiversity.

E-cards are also a thoughtful way to show someone you care for them and the environment. Choose from a library of designs below and find the perfect one to send for any occasion.

How to Get a Token

Visit our Donate page to make a General Donation or Forests for Life Movement donation of any amount. Make sure to select your desired token on the donation form.

Please note that the tokens you choose on the donation form cannot be exchanged for another type of token. Selecting “None” also forfeits your free tokens, so review your donation form carefully before submitting.

Once your donation* is successful, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique code. This code is required to download your token from the library.

*for General Donation and Forests for Life Movement donations only

How many e-cards or e-certificates can I download after donating?

Donors will get one (1) code per transaction. The number of tokens you can get from each unique code depends on the donation type, amount, and token type you have selected in your donation form.


General Donation: One (1) free e-card per donation or transaction

Forests for Life Movement: One (1) free e-card per seedling


One (1) free e-certificate per donation or transaction, regardless of donation type

Why did I not receive any codes?

You may have selected “None” in the donation form.

(for e-cards only)

Enter your unique code in the generator to start customizing your e-cards. Choose among a variety of designs and elements for any occasion. Add your own message for a personal touch or go with one of the sample greetings available.

E-certificates have fixed designs and will automatically get the name on your donation form.

Receive your e-card or e-certificate instantly by clicking “Done” and “Download” buttons.

Remember, all codes are valid for one-time use only. Carefully double-check details before hitting download – the unique codes can only be redeemed once.

Send your e-cards virtually or share them online! Don’t forget to tag @goharibon when you post them on social media.

The tokens are also printable, but consider this: Every time you print a document, you are precious resources. Please think of the environment before you print!

Email donate@haribon.org.ph for inquiries or concerns about e-cards and e-certificates.

Token Generator

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