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All remarkable acts for nature start with curiosity and genuine concern.

Want to do something for the environment but don't know where to begin? You have already made your first step just by being here!
How you can help


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How You Can Help

Any way you choose to take action for nature, big or small, makes a difference. Supporting HARIBON® ensures that your efforts create a great and lasting impact in caring for Philippine ecosystems and multiple generations of Filipinos and Philippine species.


The simplest way to get involved in conservation work is by donating to HARIBON® and the foundation’s programs. You can donate anytime, any amount, from anywhere in the world!

Aside from being rewarded with a healthier environment, you can celebrate your contributions with a digital certificate* or an e-card* from HARIBON® that you could share online, give as a gift, or keep as a souvenir.

See all your giving options below.

Your general donation will fund sustainable conservation projects old and new, create educational materials, equip field staff and researchers, empower community partners nationwide, and make many more initiatives to save Philippine habitats and biodiversity possible.

Every ₱488 you donate to the long-term rainforestation program of HARIBON® helps plant a Philippine native tree to key biodiversity areas and provide additional income to partner farmers and communities who are protecting the forests – and your health – for three whole years.

HARIBON® Membership

Advocating for the environment becomes a lot easier and exciting when you have a supportive community to guide you throughout your learning journey.

For an annual donation, you can become a member of HARIBON® and gain knowledge from experts, get first dibs on volunteer opportunities, receive discounts, or simply connect with like-minded people in a safe space.


Did you know that you can invest in nature with your time and skills?

HARIBON® needs your helping hand or artistic mind to breathe life into our conservation projects.

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Saving Philippine ecosystems and biodiversity now calls for even bigger commitments and rightfully empowered communities. Start a fundraising campaign or partnership with HARIBON® today to sustain the needs to care for our common home.


Groups, organizations, corporations, and individuals like you can work together with HARIBON® and leave a lasting legacy for nature.