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Just like a seed, ideas can blossom into groundbreaking projects for nature.

HARIBON® is here to unearth your potential and give you the supportive learning environment you need to become a great biodiversity champion.
Build a strong foundation of conservation knowledge by exploring HARIBON®'s collection of relatable stories, inspiring case studies, and other educational resources available.

Featured Stories

The Women-Forest Connection

Women and forests are inextricably intertwined.

A Collective Effort

It takes a village to uplift women’s…

A Seat at the PAMB Table

It’s time to give women their voices…

Breaking Gender Boundaries in…

What does it take to make a woman leader…

A Conservation Promise

The women of Presidential Proclamation No.…

A Duty to Nature

How do women influence change in the protection…

Ready for Business

Women in Presidential Proclamation No. 1636…

Connecting Forests and Livelihood

Did you know that conserving forests and…


Birding Guidelines in the Philippines

Coloring Birds Book

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Bridge the gap between theory and practice with immersive, hands-on activities led by experts of HARIBON® that reconnect you to the natural world.

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