Women GO


Women GO = Enhancing the Role of Women in Protected Area Governance for Social Change.

The Women GO project aspires to increase the influence of rural women in Protected Area (PA) governance towards social change.

It seeks to empower women and highlight their role not only in ensuring family and community well-being, but also in natural resource management, which includes managing environmental risks, reducing vulnerabilities, and improving climate resiliency.

Recognizing women as equally-important in knowledge and leadership in environmental and PA governance is key to effectively delivering its outcomes. Gender mainstreaming activities will be carried out to enhance participation of women in four levels: family, community/barangay (village), municipality, and the PAMB.

About the Women GO site:

Mt. Irid-Angelo

Mt. Irid-Angelo are two mountains on the southern range of the Sierra Madre that holds 135,257 hectares of forest land. It is home to Dumagat-Remontado tribe and has 17 watersheds, four of which provide water for domestic and industrial use to its neighboring municipalities. The watersheds provide water supply to Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Surveys in the mountains found they are home to 88 bird species and 17 mammal species, including the majestic Philippine Eagle. Forty percent (40%) percent of which are endemic. Unfortunately, Mt. Irid-Angelo continues to be threatened by illegal logging, mining, slash & burn farming, road constructions, proposed development of dams, unregulated collection of non-timber products and wildlife hunting.

The project runs for four years in pursuit of two major goals:

  • 1. Strengthened women contribute to improve community well-being including climate resiliency, and,
  • 2. Women are able to support PA management strategies.


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