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Privacy Policy

By accessing and or submitting any personally identifiable information on the HARIBON® Foundation (“HARIBON®”) website (“Site”) and other communication channels, you will be asked to consent to the processing of the entered information by HARIBON® at the point of collection of your information. The data will be used for:
  • Sending of communications, notices, and processing of other materials or services related to HARIBON® programs or transactions
  • The performance of the contract or engagement you have with HARIBON®
  • The compliance of a legal obligation to which you and HARIBON® are subject to
  • The legitimate interests of the HARIBON®, a third party, or yourself
Your privacy is important to HARIBON® Foundation. HARIBON® will ensure that all personal information gathered will be kept with utmost confidentiality and will be used only for the intended purpose only.

HARIBON® adheres to a strict policy regarding donor and partner privacy. Except for administrative or summary reporting purposes, no information in whole or in part, in its paper or electronic format, will be disclosed, used, modified, or reproduced to any other person or organization, except in connection with the purposes stated in your donation, confirmed engagement with HARIBON® and related processes.

HARIBON®, however, may publicly display the names of stakeholders such as activity participants, donors, and partners that have not elected to remain anonymous during information or acknowledgment campaigns. HARIBON® will not disclose names of stakeholders that have opted for anonymity during the donation, registration, or check-out process, except in select cases when it deemed necessary or permitted by law.

HARIBON® regularly updates this Privacy Policy. Should there be significant or material change in the way your personal information is collected, used, or shared, HARIBON® will notify you via email at least seven (7) working days prior to the changes taking effect. If you object to any change, you can stop using the Site or any HARIBON® platforms. After any changes on this page are published, your continued use of the Site HARIBON® assets and services is subject to the updated Privacy Policy.

Read our full Privacy Policy below to understand how HARIBON® handles your data, and know your rights and choices.

This Privacy Policy describes how your data is handled when you use HARIBON® Foundation platforms and services. This covers HARIBON®’s website, newsletters, forms, apps, content and ads on social media networks, and other related materials.

How your information is handled depends on which HARIBON® Foundation service you use. Certain HARIBON® Foundation services and platforms work differently.

Data Collection and Storage

The information we gather about you depends on the context. By and large, it’s information about you that can personally identify you — either on its own or when combined with other information.

The following describes the information we collect and how we obtain it, whether automatically or by request. Information is collected through the Site and other channels of contact with HARIBON® and its verified affiliates. HARIBON® combines this data with other information collected about you from other points of contact.

  • Billing: To process payments or donations, we collect and use your payment information. This can include your name, your address, your telephone number, your email address, your credit or debit card information and any other relevant information.
  • User-generated content: We offer you the ability to post content that other users can read (e.g., comments). Anyone can read, collect, and use any personal information that accompanies your posts. HARIBON® is not required to publish any of your submitted content but may do so as necessary. If the law requires the take down, removal, or edit of your personal information, HARIBON® shall comply to the required extent.
  • Contests and special offers: When you sign up for these, you give HARIBON® your name, email and any additional required information.
  • Surveys, research, panels, and other events: HARIBON® gathers information through questionnaires, surveys, and other similar feedback opportunities. HARIBON® and its service contractors may also conduct similar research for project-related needs and for advertisers. HARIBON® shall ask you for your consent to use this information when you participate in these programs and events.
  • Tracking technologies in your browser and mobile apps: These technologies include cookies, web beacons, tags and scripts, software development kits (or SDKs) and beyond. Data about how you visit and use HARIBON® communication channels is tracked and stored, particularly through the Site and linked platforms. The items logged include:
    • Your IP address
    • Your location
    • Your operating system
    • Your browser
    • Your browser language
    • The URLs of any pages you visit on our sites and apps
    • Device identifiers
    • Advertising identifiers
    • Other usage information
  • GPS Technologies: Some of HARIBON® channels can provide content based on your GPS location, if you enable this feature. If you do not enable GPS location-based services, or if a specific app does not have location-based features, HARIBON® does not collect your precise GPS location. The Site, however, does collect your IP address, which can establish your approximate location. Ads on the Site and connected apps may be targeted based on this approximate location, but are never targeted based on your GPS location. You choose whether to enable GPS features when you first install the apps you use to access the HARIBON® Site and other platforms. You can edit that setting on your device at any time. If you enable these features, your GPS location can be found by satellite, cell phone tower or Wi-Fi and used by the said app.
  • Privately Owned Databases: Marketing, data analytic and social media-owned databases give HARIBON® and its affiliates access to a range of information — like public data, survey data, and beyond. This sometimes includes your mailing address, your gender, your age, your household income and other demographic data.
  • Social Media Platforms and Other Third-Party Services: When social media platforms services such as but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and third-party services including Google are linked, you authorize HARIBON® and its affiliates to collect, store and use any information they may provide (e.g., your email address). The Site also receives and records information from you when you interact with pages, groups, accounts, or posts on social media platforms. This includes aggregate data on HARIBON® followers (e.g., age, gender and location), engagement data (e.g., “likes,” comments, shares, reposts and clicks), awareness data (e.g., number of impressions and reach), and individual users’ public profiles.

HARIBON® generally does not gather any sensitive information about you. This includes:
  • Your social security number
  • Your racial or ethnic origin
  • Your political opinions
  • Your religion or other beliefs
  • Your health, biometric or genetic characteristics
  • Any trade union membership
  • Any criminal background

There are select situations when HARIBON® requests this information (e.g., needs analyses, situational analysis, or any other research for appropriate conservation interventions), but you can decline to answer.

HARIBON® stores your personal information for as long as needed, or permitted, based on the reason why it was obtained and consistent with applicable law. This means your personal information might be retained even after you close your account or finish an engagement with HARIBON®.

HARIBON® can preserve or share personal information if the law requires HARIBON® to do so. Your personal information can also be preserved or shared if it involves:
  • Compliance with the law or with legal process
  • Protection and defense of our rights and property
  • Protection against misuse or unauthorized use of the HARIBON® Foundation assets
  • Protection the safety or property of HARIBON® stakeholders or the general public (e.g., if you provide false information or attempt to pose as someone else, we could share your information to help investigations into your actions)
  • Cooperation with government authorities, which could be outside your country of residence

Data Processing and Use

  • To provide services: HARIBON® uses your information to help you use the Site and other services, such as:
    • Arranging access to your account
    • Providing customer service
    • Responding to your inquiries, requests, suggestions or complaints
    • Completing your payments, donations, and transactions
    • Sending service-related advisories (e.g., a change in our terms and conditions)
  • To personalize your experience: When applicable, HARIBON® and its third-party contractors track your interests and reading habits.
  • To enable you to share content. Any information you submit for publishing in this Site or any of HARIBON® forums becomes public, along with your chosen screen name, and uploaded photo.
  • To carry out administrative tasks:
    • For auditing: To verify that HARIBON® internal processes work as intended and comply with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements.
    • For fraud and security monitoring: HARIBON® and its third-party contractors detect and prevent cyberattacks or unauthorized robot activities.
    • For customer satisfaction: HARIBON® evaluates users’ satisfaction
  • To offer promotions: You can take part in HARIBON® contests and other promotions. Some might have additional rules about how your personal information is used and disclosed.
  • To allow for personalized advertising and create audiences for advertising: Offerings of HARIBON® are marketed to you, and third-party marketing vendors may be involved to show you personalized ads. HARIBON® may serve ads through websites, locations, platforms, and services operated and owned by third parties. This is done by uploading an encrypted customer list to a third party, or by incorporating a tracking technology from a third party onto the Site and other HARIBON® communication platforms. The data comes from ad tracking technologies set by HARIBON® or the third party (e.g., cookies), the information you provide (e.g., your email address), your use of the Site or HARIBON® assets (e.g., your history), information from advertisers or advertising vendors (e.g., demographic data) and anything inferred from any of this information. HARIBON® only uses or shares this information in a manner that does not reveal your identity. You can also manage your cookie settings in your browser settings. Most browsers allow you to choose whether or not to accept cookies, and to delete cookies that have already been set. However, if you choose to disable cookies, you may not be able to use all HARIBON® Site features. Third parties also sometimes use other services in order to serve ads; check their privacy policies for more details and to opt out.
  • To aggregate (or de-identify) personal information into larger findings: HARIBON® may aggregate or de-identify information so that it can no longer identify you, under applicable laws. This helps better understanding and representation of HARIBON® audiences, such as when ad performance is measured, advertising interest-based segments are created, or survey results are compiled. HARIBON® can use and disclose this aggregated or de-identified information for any purpose, unless an applicable law says otherwise.

Data Sharing and Access

The processing of data collected from items and activities aforementioned above can involve companies, agents, and contractors outside of HARIBON® Foundation once the use of your personal information is required to carry out certain tasks and for the purposes stated in this policy and HARIBON®’s services.

The said tasks include, but are not limited to:
  • Processing your payments
  • Fulfilling your orders
  • Maintaining technology and related infrastructure
  • Offering you customer service
  • Serving and targeting ads
  • Measuring ad performance
  • Presenting surveys
  • Shipping you products and mailings
  • Distributing emails
  • List processing and analytics
  • Managing and analyzing research
  • Managing promotions
When performing these tasks, service providers often have access to your personal information. HARIBON® may allow the use of aggregated or de-identified information for other purposes, in accordance with applicable laws.

In certain situations, the courts, law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies or security authorities in the Philippines and in other countries might be entitled to access your personal information.

HARIBON® processes payments you make through Site with external services. Your information is collected through the Site or communication channels and is shared with the third-party service for processing. The third-party service collects your information for processing. HARIBON® never shares your information with third parties without your consent, except in encrypted form to engage in processes explained above. The Site and other HARIBON® communication channels contain links to third-party websites, resources, vendors, and advertisers, however, these third parties are not governed by HARIBON®. Any personal data you provide directly to them is not covered by this Privacy Policy. HARIBON® does not control and is not responsible for third-party content or privacy practices.

In the event of a reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of our dealings or assets (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings), HARIBON® would have a legitimate interest in disclosing or transferring your information to a third party, such as an acquiring entity and its advisers.

There may be situations when we share selected information with third parties beyond our service providers. Your name and mailing address (among other information) may be shared with other reputable HARIBON® affiliates that want to market to you by mail. HARIBON® shares information about our sponsored events (e.g., your name, your company or your job title) with sponsors. In such cases, you are notified upon registration or when you provide the information via other channels.

HARIBON® discloses public activities in our RSS feeds, APIs and other distribution formats. Your public engagements with these could appear on other websites, blogs or feeds.

HARIBON® protects your personal information with a series of organizational, technological and physical safeguards, however, its absolute security is not guaranteed. It is highly recommended that you use complex and unique passwords for your accounts and for third-party accounts linked to them.

Do not share your password with anyone. If you have reason to believe your interaction with us is no longer secure, notify us immediately by emailing hello@haribon.org.ph.

Your Settings and Preferences

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information based on our legitimate interest or that of a third party, unless there is compelling legitimate grounds presented for the processing or keeping of your personal information for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims.
You may request to:
  • Access, modify, or delete the personal information HARIBON® has about you
  • Receive an electronic copy of the personal information HARIBON® has about you, for data portability
  • Restrict, or object to, how HARIBON® processes personal information about you
  • Not receive discriminatory treatment for the exercise of your privacy rights
Send an email to hello@haribon.org.ph for assistance. HARIBON® will contact you to verify your identity or obtain an authorized agent’s permission before a response to the request is sent.

HARIBON® may need to keep certain information for legal record keeping purposes, or to complete a transaction you began prior to requesting a change or deletion (e.g., if you make a donation or enter an agreement, you might not be able to change or delete the personal information provided until after the completion of the engagement or promotion).

You may opt out of communications immediately through the instructions below:
  • Email: HARIBON® offers a variety of commercial emails and email newsletters. You can unsubscribe from them by following the “unsubscribe” instructions near the bottom of the email. You can also email hello@haribon.org.ph to manage your newsletter preferences.
  • SMS, call, or telephone promotions: You may request to unsubscribe from our text alerts or telephone solicitations by responding to the text or call.
  • Push notifications: If applicable, you can opt out any time by adjusting your device settings, or uninstalling the apps you have linked to HARIBON® communication channels.
Opt-out requests shall not prohibit HARIBON® from sending you important non-marketing notices.

In some cases, your request also does not ensure complete removal of the content or information (e.g., if another user has reposted your content).

If you are a parent or guardian and you believe information from your child has been collected in a manner not permitted by law, contact HARIBON® via email immediately. HARIBON® shall remove the data to the extent required by applicable laws.