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The New Leaders of PP 1636

Women are now at the forefront of planning and decision-making in Presidential Proclamation No. 1636 (PP 1636).

Dec 18, 2023

From 2020-2023, HARIBON’s Women Go project uplifted nine (9) women organizations to actively engage in natural resource and protected area governance. These nine women organizations, including municipal federations in the REINA (Real, Infanta, General Nakar), Quezon area are now government-registered and accredited by their respective barangay and municipal local governments.

Successfully pushing for the recognition of the women groups existing within and adjacent to PP 1636 as legitimate organizations provided them with the privilege to finally get seats in their respective local development councils and/or people’s councils. It is a welcome development for the women of REINA  because they can now claim their intrinsic right to voice out women’s concerns and issues during their respective local government’s planning and decision-making sessions.

This culminating stage of the project is a well-earned success and is only among the first of many milestones that the project team has achieved in the past four years.

From being virtually inactive, the women and their groups have transformed, having systems in place that allow for consistent improvement in plans and strategies. This enables them to improve their situation as well as their surrounding environment's circumstances, showing them that they have the power to change their own town’s forests and natural surroundings.

Below are the nine (9) women groups that gave their time, attention, and active participation towards HARIBON’s Women Go project and their own empowerment:

  • Kalipunan ng Liping Pilipina (KALIPI)
    • KALIPI Federation of Infanta
    • KALIPI of Brgy. Gumian, Infanta
    • KALIPI of Brgy. Magsaysay, Infanta
    • KALIPI Federation of General Nakar
    • KALIPI of Sitio Cablao, Brgy. Pagsangahan, General Nakar
    • KALIPI Federation of Real
    • KALIPI of Brgy. Cawayan, Real
    • KALIPI of Brgy. Tanuan, Real
  • Kilos Unlad ng Mamayan ng Real, Inc. (KUMARE)

The new women leaders of PP 1636 now consist of:

  • 5 barangay-based women organizations
  • 3 municipal-wide federations
  • 1 local all-women organization with members from 6 municipalities in Quezon