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Jan 24, 2020

All about bees: in the Philippines and beyond

Bees are not just mascots of fastfood or movie franchises; they are one of…

Jan 20, 2020

Australia fires a warning for PH to protect climate, environment

The Australia bushfires must serve as a warning for countries to accelerate…

Dec 14, 2019

Unwanted Visitors: A trip to LPPCHEA

Who could ever resist a picture-perfect sunset or sunrise by the sea? I wouldn’t…

Nov 14, 2019

Water comes from forests, not dams

Amid ongoing contentions about the controversial Kaliwa Dam, we reiterate that…

Nov 14, 2019

Women defenders of the forest

"What is a forest defender? Who are they?" I told her that forest defenders…

Nov 14, 2019

Bae Elma Bauzon: The woman born to lead her community

Being a witness to the struggles and victories of her community, 47-year-old…

Nov 7, 2019

A Promise of Hope and Healing

Unfazed by the heat and frigidness atop the San Cristobal mountain in San Pablo,…

Oct 14, 2019

COCAP founder honored at Kamayan Para sa Kalikasan

Environment advocate Ester Perez de Tagle received a Plaque of Appreciation…

Oct 1, 2019

Migratory birds flock to Philippine wetlands

Winter is coming. For the northern half of the globe, colder seasons mean harsher…

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