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50 years of safeguarding Philippine biodiversity

Support HARIBON® today and help nurture the health of the environment which you – and all other Philippine species – rely on to live.

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Anyone can help protect Philippine ecosystems.

No special skills, strict requirements, or grand gestures needed!

Anyone can help
Anyone can help
Anyone can help
Anyone can help

Because humans and nature are closely interconnected, everything that you do on a daily basis has an effect on the world around you. From taking baths, cooking, to traveling and getting groceries, it is up to you to make even the little things count towards conservation.

Trees take a lot of time to grow, birds require practice to take flight, and ecosystems won’t heal overnight even if you make sudden, drastic changes to your lifestyle.

So start small (yet smart) by letting HARIBON® help you turn your daily routine into meaningful, sustainable actions for the environment!

Anyone can help
Anyone can help

It takes the same amount of time to enjoy a funny video to learn from the educational materials by HARIBON®. Follow @goharibon, reshare posts, and make being on social media 24/7 an enriching experience for you and your network.

Go for HARIBON®'s biodiversity-friendly activities when you plan birthdays, weddings, reunions, parties, and other special moments in your life. Let your loved ones know that you care for them and the environment with thoughtful eco-gifts that come with a donation.

Get creative with HARIBON® and influence people to see and appreciate the beauty of our planet. Any artistic endeavor can raise money which will allow you to continue the work that you and HARIBON® do to make life better for everyone.

Spending time in nature is proven to have many health benefits. Relax and recharge with every trip with your family, friends, and colleagues by hosting or signing up for responsible adventures with HARIBON®.

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Get inspiration from stories of the people and species HARIBON® protects and works with.

From latest findings to project milestones, read about HARIBON®’s recent wins in conservation.

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Featured Projects

Featured Projects




Women Go

HARIBON helps rural women gain the strength to take the lead in ensuring family, community, and environmental well-being.

Species of Hope

HARIBON conducts research on Philippine wildlife and habitats to highlight how the survival of biodiversity secures our own.


HARIBON restores forests with local communities to sustain the supply of water, clean air, and other natural resources Filipinos depend on.

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